Health Info Radio Pops-up

See two additional updates below.
A new pop up radio stations has started to appear on trial small scale DAB multiplexes. Broadcasting using DAB+ at 32 kbps, Health Info Radio is now available in Glasgow, Brighton, Portsmouth (in the case of the latter two replacing Auraltime).

The station appears to be broadcasting information loops on the Covid-19 outbreak, and is likely to appear in other areas, particularly where there are small-scale multiplexes with spare capacity available.

Update (17/03/2020): Health Info Radio has now appeared on the Aldershot, Birmingham, Cambridge, and Norwich, small-scale multiplexes. With the exception of Cambridge, the station has replaced Auraltime.

Update (22/03/2020): The station has now joined the Manchester and London trial small-scale multiplexes, and is only absent from the Bristol small scale multiplex. The station also appears to have joined at least some of the FreeDAB multiplexes in Ireland.