Smooth Chill Goes National

Recently launched digital station Smooth Chill has now joined the D1 National DAB multiplex, extending coverage of the station beyond London. The station is using DAB+ at 32 kbps stereo, meaning relatively poor sound quality, and some older DAB radios will not receive the station.

Smooth Chill launched in London in September 2019, partially replacing Chill. In an ironic twist of fate ‘Chill’ is the short form version of the station name displayed on some digital radios. This means that some radios will put Smooth Chill further away from the other Smooth stations in the alphabetical station list.

The station has a reported 301,000 listeners. However, at the time of writing only has 292 followers on twitter, suggesting that this figure may not give and accurate picture of the number of listeners.

Smooth Chill is owned and operated by Global.