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Author of Website

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This website respects copyright. All material not produced by the creators of this website will only be used with the permission of the contents creator, except:

  • where UK or International law permits the use of copyright material without permission,
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Radio Recordings

The Audio page of this website contains various recordings of radio stations, and are usually a couple of minutes long. The exact position regarding copyright is unclear, but these are provided without permission of the radio stations, and are used on the basis that (except where noted):

  • the recordings were made by myself
  • music is removed
  • the station is clearly identified
  • and there is no download option.

Ocasionally, audio from other sources may also be used without permission on the basis that:

  • the original source is identified, and the website linked to (on the basis the copyright belongs to the radio station itself)
  • music is removed
  • the station is clearly identified
  • and there is no download option.

If a radio station or other interested party objects, and would like a specific audio clip removed, please inform me by emailing