Heart and Smooth Changes

On DAB+ Heart Extra and Smooth Extra have been replaced by national versions of the main Heart and Smooth stations. Global have announced that this is to improve access to the stations, a move which appears counter productive, giving the earlier switch to DAB+, a newer version of DAB, which older digital radios are unable to receive.

Heart Extra and Smooth Extra were based on the London versions of the two stations, but with automated music throughout the day. In many parts of the UK, Heart and Smooth are now duplicated, either with a service with regional variations, or a relay of the national services on local DAB.

Meanwhile, Capital UK is now broadcasting using DAB+ on the D1 National multiplex (40 kbps stereo). Listeners with older DAB radios may no longer be able to receive this service, although as with Heart and Smooth, several duplicate versions are available.