Upcoming Medium Wave Closures

Ofcom has given Talk Sport consent to turn off the following medium wave (MW/AM) transmitters:
• Rosemarkie (Inverness)
• Redruth (Cornwall)
• Redmoss (Aberdeen)
• Londonderry
• Occombe (Devon)
• Plummers Barracks (Plymouth)
• Pearce’s Hill (Devon)
Although the percentage reduction is marginal, 95% to 93%, over 1 million potential listeners will be affected. Listeners will now have to switch to DAB (with only 91% coverage), or use online platforms.

Meanwhile, the BBC are to close more local radio medium wave transmitters. Those effected are:
• BBC Three Counties Radio (630 and 1161 kHz)
• BBC Radio Merseyside (1485 KHz)
• BBC Newcastle (1458 KHz)
• BBC Radio Solent and BBC Radio Solent (for Dorset) (999 and 1359 KHz)
• BBC Radio Cornwall (630 and 657 kHz)
• BBC Radio York (1260 KHz) – BBC Radio York also broadcasts on 666 KHz and this future of this transmitter is unclear.
This impact will be less than the Talk Sport closures, as BBC local radio stations have good FM networks, and a wider coverage on DAB. However, BBC Newcastle regularly uses the 1458 frequency to allow for the simultaneous broadcasting of NUFC and SAFC football matches, and it is unclear what the arrangements will be once the transmitter closes.

In addition, the following BBC services will have reduced coverage on medium wave:
• BBC Radio Scotland – Areas in and around both Aberdeen and Kirkcudbright
• BBC Radio Wales – Tywyn, Forden and Llandrindod Wells areas
• BBC Radio Cumbria – Area in and around Whitehaven
• BBC Radio Norfolk – Area in and around Norwich
These reductions will be achieved by reducing power outputs, meaning that the signal will be weaker. Listeners on the edge of the coverage area will be impacted the most.