Cyber Gold Rebrands as Atlantis

Cyber Gold has re-branded as Atlantis. The station has launched on the Suffolk local multiplex (DAB+ at 32 kbps). Atlantis continues on the Surrey and North Sussex local multiplex.

Meanwhile, Cyber Radio has left the Brighton trial small scale multiplex, and Cyber Rock has left the Surrey and North Sussex local multiplex.

More DAB Changes following SDL Expansion

Following the expansion of the Sound Digital DAB multiplex, the UKs second commercial national multiplex, a further two stations have left local multiplexes.

Fun Kids has left the Suffolk multiplex. Listeners in Suffolk will now need a DAB+ radio, as Fun Kids on Suffolk used the original format of DAB, but the national version uses DAB+ (not compatible will older DAB radios). However, Fun Kids is now available in stereo in Suffolk.

Jazz FM has left the Trial Norwich small scale multiplex. Jazz FM also uses DAB+ on the Sound Digital multiplex, but this shouldn’t be an issue for listeners, as Jazz FM had recently been using DAB+ in Norwich. However, the bit rate on the national multiplex is lower, meaning that listeners may notice a slight drop in sound quality.

Also on the Trial Norwich multiplex, Crackers Radio has taken over the slot previously occupied by Jazz FM, using 48 kbps stereo DAB+. Again, this station will require a DAB+ compatible radio.

Ipswich 102 to Launch on FM on Friday

Ipswich 102 will take over the 102 FM frequency from Town 102 on Friday, bringing back locally produced radio to Ipswich.

The station will be locally produced 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Presenter led programming will air from 5am to 11pm each weekday.

Ipswich 102 is already broadcasting on DAB on the Suffolk local multiplex, at a much higher than normall bit rate of 198 kbps (stereo). Most networked local stations only broadcast at 128 kbps (stereo), with smaller stations using mono to cut costs.