Kingdom FM to Join DAB

Ofcom has given permission for Kingdom FM, Fife’s only local station, to join the Central Scotland DAB multiplex. As yet, a launch date is yet to be confirmed. Rocksport is also due to leave the DAB multiplex, and Kingdom FM could be a direct replacement. The Central Scotland DAB multiplex is operated by Wireless Group,…Read moreRead more

Bauer Takes Over Yet More Radio Stations

Bauer Media is acquiring UKRD, the operator of 10 local radio stations including Eagle Radio, Pirate FM, Minster FM and Yorkshire Coast Radio. Bauer has also acquired UKRD’s share of the MuxCo North Yorkshire, MuxCo Surrey & Sussex, South West Digital Radio (Cornwall and Plymouth) DAB multiplexes, and UKRD’s share of First Radio Sales, a…Read moreRead more

Virgin Radio Adds Two Spin-Offs

The Wireless Group have added two Virgin Radio spin offs to their portfolio. Virgin Radio Anthems is an extension of the Anthems feature on the main station, and plays classic guitar led rock tracks. Virgin Radio Chilled plays acoustic tracks. Both stations are now broadcasting on the SDL national DAB mutliplex, using the DAB+ format…Read moreRead more

Changes to Wireless Group Services in Aberdeen

With the Sound Digital national multiplex expansion programme having been recently completed, Talk Radio, Talk Sport 2 and Virgin Radio are leaving the Aberdeen local DAB multiplex. These have been rel-labelled retune 2, retune 3, and retune 1 respectively, and presumably will be carrying on-air announcements to make listeners aware of the required retune. These…Read moreRead more

Sound Digital Completes Expansion

The Sound Digital national DAB multiplex has completed its expansion programme, adding a further 19 transmitters, and around 4 million potential new listeners. The multiplex now has additional coverage in East Anglia, the South West, Kent, South Wales and North East Scotland, with a total coverage area of 83% of the UK. The multiplex is…Read moreRead more

Sound Digital Are to Expand Coverage

Sound Digital, the UK’s second commercial DAB multiplex, is to extend its coverage. Listeners in Wales, the South West, East Anglia, and North East Scotland will benefit from the extended coverage area, and there will also be a small coverage boost in and around Eastbourne on the south coast of England. Sound Digital is a…Read moreRead more