Solar Radio Leaves Sky

Soul music station Solar Radio has ceased broadcasting on the Sky satellite television platform. Solar had been available on Sky since September 2000.

The station is redirecting listeners to the variety of online platforms available, including smart phone apps and smart speakers.

The station is also available on DAB+ in Birmingham, Brighton, central London, and Norwich.

More details can be found on their website

DAB Updates

Once again there have been many changes to station line-ups on DAB, some including Kiss Fresh and Country Hits Radio have already been detailed.

Starting in Aberdeen, Original 106 is soon to join the local Aberdeen multiplex. This has, however, been rumoured for a considerable length of time, so although likely, might still be some time away.

Panda Radio has been relabeled Spectrum Radio on the London 2 and Trial Norwich multiplexes, signalling that the station will rebrand to its original name.

Digital only stations 100% Dragon Hits and 100% Whatever have both left the Somerset local multiplex. On the Trial Brighton multiplex, Metal Meyhem Radio joined, and whilst The Beat and URF were both running without audio meaning a pending removal is likely.

More DAB Changes following SDL Expansion

Following the expansion of the Sound Digital DAB multiplex, the UKs second commercial national multiplex, a further two stations have left local multiplexes.

Fun Kids has left the Suffolk multiplex. Listeners in Suffolk will now need a DAB+ radio, as Fun Kids on Suffolk used the original format of DAB, but the national version uses DAB+ (not compatible will older DAB radios). However, Fun Kids is now available in stereo in Suffolk.

Jazz FM has left the Trial Norwich small scale multiplex. Jazz FM also uses DAB+ on the Sound Digital multiplex, but this shouldn’t be an issue for listeners, as Jazz FM had recently been using DAB+ in Norwich. However, the bit rate on the national multiplex is lower, meaning that listeners may notice a slight drop in sound quality.

Also on the Trial Norwich multiplex, Crackers Radio has taken over the slot previously occupied by Jazz FM, using 48 kbps stereo DAB+. Again, this station will require a DAB+ compatible radio.

DAB Updates

On the Trial Glasgow multiplex, Asian Star, Colourful Radio and Timeless Radio have all ceased broadcasting. Chris Country has joined using DAB+, along with Nation Radio (as previously reported), Angel Vintage (using mono DAB+ at 32 kbps) and Crackers Radio (using stereo DAB+ at 48 kbps). Your Radio is continuing to broadcast.

On the Trial Norwich small scale multiplex, Cyber Gold has joined using DAB+ at 40 kbps. The Beat has ceased.

There are also reports that a station called The Beat London is preparing to launch on the Trial London small scale multiplex, but the details are limited at this time.

Station Updates

There have been a few changes to some local DAB multiplexes:

On Trial Glasgow, Gaydio has switch to 128 kbps joint stereo, whilst Radio Saltire has ceased, and Timeless Radio and Your Radio have been observed without audio streams (possible either closing or have ceased).

On Trial Birmingham, 45 Radio has joined using DAB+ (receiver dependent) at 48 kbps. Solar FM and Gorgeous FM are running without audio, and Colourful Radio has ceased.

Resonance Extra has joined the Trial Norwich multiplex, and About Norwich has ceased.

On Herts Beds Bucks, Bob Home Counties has ceased, but the service still continues on FM.

On Trial Brighton, Juice 107.2 has ceased broadcasting ahead of the launch of Capital Brighton on FM and the Sussex multiplex. As the station now has a stereo slot on the Sussex multiplex, the slot on Trial Brighton is no longer required.

On FM, Banbridge, Northern Ireland, community station Bounce FM has launched on 102.4. Gaydio Brighton has launched on 97.8. Yeovil community station Ninesprings Radio is due to launch on 104.5 in October.

Small Scale DAB Extensions

All current small-scale DAB multiplexes in the UK have had their licenses extended untilĀ March 31st, 2020. These multiplexes allow small commercial and community stations the opportunity to broadcast on DAB at an affordable cost.

The current small-scale multiplexes are:

  • Aldershot
  • Birmingham
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Glasgow
  • Central London
  • Manchester
  • Norwich
  • Portsmouth

The license extension is to allow Ofcom time to consider the most appropriate method for licensing permanent small-scale DAB multiplexes.

15/06/2018: News Round Up

Here is the news from the past week:

45 Radio has joined the Norwich trial small scale DAB multiplex,using DAB+ at 48 kbps. This service is aimed at listeners aged 45 and over. Jazz FM has switched to DAB+ at 40 kbps, and is no longer available on all radios.

Flame Christian has ceased broadcasting on the Manchester trial multiplex.

The requested format change for London AM and DAB station Love Sport has been approved by Ofcom, meaning the station is no longer required to provide talk based programmes on subjects such as business.

Celador station The Breeze has retained its license to broadcast in Bristol on FM.

TalkSPORT has retained global Premier League football audio rights, and will provide coverage until theĀ 2021/22 season.