Love Sport to Broadcast Nationally

London based sports radio station Love Sport is to broadcast nationally on DAB, having recently reduced its AM/MW coverage area to North London in a frequency swap.

The station has announced that it will broadcast on the SDL national DAB multiplex by the end of the year. This will require an existing service to switch to DAB+, or a replacement of an existing service, as this multiplex is currently full.

The station will compete with Talk Sport, which was originally founded by Kelvin MacKenzie, who is the current chairman and chief executive of Love Sport.

Absolute Radio 90s Completes Transition

DAB station Absolute Radio 90s has complete its transition to its new home on the SDL national multiplex. All versions of the station on the local multiplexes and the D1 national multiplex have been removed.

It is expected that sister station Kisstory will make the move from SDL national to D1 national next Monday.

Another Bauer Media owned station, Magic Soul, has expanded its coverage area and is now available on the Lancashire, Liverpool, & Manchester local DAB multiplexes.

Absolute Radio 90s Transition Begins

DAB station Absolute Radio 90s has begun its move to the SDL national multiplex, following the removal of Heat Radio. The station appears to be leaving both the D1 national multiplex, and the local multiplexes it was previously carried on.

The previous services have been relabeled Abs90sOld, but as all versions are still using the same identification codes, each radio handles the change slightly differently. Some radios show all versions, whilst others are selective in which service is shown in the station list. It is common for the radio to select the version with the strongest signal, which may mean the old version is shown in areas where the station was carried on a local multiplex.

The old version of Absolute Radio 90s is now carrying a message advising of the required re-tune.

More Changes at Bauer

A reshuffle of Bauer Media DAB stations is currently taking place.

As previously reported, Heat Radio leaves DAB on the 4th February.

On the same day, Absolute Radio 90s will switch to the SDL National multiplex from the D1 National multiplex. The station will continue to be available nationally. Absolute Radio 90s continues to broadcast on some local multiplexes, but this may change. At the same time Kisstory will move in the opposite direction.

Scala Radio will launch on the 4th March on the SDL National multiplex, using Heat Radio’s former capacity. There is speculation that one or more of the above stations will use the newer DAB+ format, to allow for stereo broadcasts.

More DAB Changes following SDL Expansion

Following the expansion of the Sound Digital DAB multiplex, the UKs second commercial national multiplex, a further two stations have left local multiplexes.

Fun Kids has left the Suffolk multiplex. Listeners in Suffolk will now need a DAB+ radio, as Fun Kids on Suffolk used the original format of DAB, but the national version uses DAB+ (not compatible will older DAB radios). However, Fun Kids is now available in stereo in Suffolk.

Jazz FM has left the Trial Norwich small scale multiplex. Jazz FM also uses DAB+ on the Sound Digital multiplex, but this shouldn’t be an issue for listeners, as Jazz FM had recently been using DAB+ in Norwich. However, the bit rate on the national multiplex is lower, meaning that listeners may notice a slight drop in sound quality.

Also on the Trial Norwich multiplex, Crackers Radio has taken over the slot previously occupied by Jazz FM, using 48 kbps stereo DAB+. Again, this station will require a DAB+ compatible radio.

Sound Digital Completes Expansion

The Sound Digital national DAB multiplex has completed its expansion programme, adding a further 19 transmitters, and around 4 million potential new listeners. The multiplex now has additional coverage in East Anglia, the South West, Kent, South Wales and North East Scotland, with a total coverage area of 83% of the UK.

The multiplex is jointly owned by Arqiva, Bauer, and Wireless Group, and carries 19 digital stations including Talk Radio, Union Jack, and Virgin Radio. Some stations use the newer DAB+ format.

Listeners in the new coverage are will be able to receive the stations after re-scanning their DAB radio.

Recent Stories from the Radio World

Apologies for the absence of recent posts, as I have been away on holiday. There has not been a huge amount of stories from the radio world recently, but here are a few updates.

The service Upload Radio has left the Surrey North Sussex (Surrey-NSussex) and North Yorkshire DAB multiplexes. This radio station is still available in Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool.

More Radio has lowered its bit rate on the Sussex DAB multiplex from 64 kbps to 56 kbps. This means a slight drop in sound quality for listeners. This station had only recently joined DAB.

Jack 3 has joined the SDL National multiplex. This multiplex covers around 75% of the UK. This station plays easy listening music and is broadcasting at 32kbps using the newer DAB+, meaning only some radios will receive it. The current national output is reported to be different from the local version available on DAB in Oxfordshire.

NME1 has joind the trial Brighton local multiplex, broadcasting using DAB+ at 48kbps. This station will also only work on DAB+ compatible radios.