Bauer Reduces Local Content

Bauer is to scrap local weekend programmes across the ‘Hits Radio’ network of stations in England and Scotland. Separate programmes will be programmes are to be aired across the local stations in England plus Hits Radio, with a the Scottish stations having their own show. Meanwhile the number of breakfast shows on Free Radio are…Read moreRead more

Bauer to Make Yet More Changes

Bauer are changing their second tier of stations, by launching Greatest Hits Radio. The existing ‘Greatest Hits Network’ will lose local names in England, adopting the Greatest Hits Radio brand name. Scottish stations are to retain their local names. The service will take over the 105.2 FM frequency from Absolute Radio, and will also take…Read moreRead more

Sound Digital Are to Expand Coverage

Sound Digital, the UK’s second commercial DAB multiplex, is to extend its coverage. Listeners in Wales, the South West, East Anglia, and North East Scotland will benefit from the extended coverage area, and there will also be a small coverage boost in and around Eastbourne on the south coast of England. Sound Digital is a…Read moreRead more