Cumbria DAB Applications Received

Ofcom has received two DAB applications for Cumbria local multiplexes.

Bauer have applied for a license to cover North and West Cumbria. This will consist of BBC Radio Cumbria, and CFM. The rest of capacity will be used to plug coverage gaps for Bauer’s national brands, including Scala Radio, and Absolute Radio 80s. Some capacity will be reserved for future station launches.

Nation Broadcasting has teamed with Muxco for a multiplex covering south Cumbria, and North Lancashire. BBC Radio Cumbria will feature, along with national stations Heart, Smooth, and Capital, which broadcast on FM in the area. Community stations Bay Trust Radio and Cando FM will also be on the multiplex using DAB+, as will digital stations Fun Kids Junior (DAB+) and Chris Country (DAB+).

Nation are also planning to launch a new station Bay Radio, which may appeal to listeners of the original The Bay station which was replaced by Heart following the sale of the station to Global.

No bidders have put forward a proposal for Southwest Scotland, although the North and West Cumbria multiplex may offer some over-spill coverage. Both Nation/Muxco and Bauer have suggested that if successful they can have the multiplexes up and running within 12 months.

Muxco Also Bid for Channel Islands Multiplex

Radio Today are reporting that a total of 3 bids have been submitted for the Channel Islands local DAB multiplex.

Muxco have teamed up with Tindle CI Broadcasting, the owners of Channel 103 in Jersey and Island FM in Guernsey, to bid for license. In addition to Channel 103 and Island FM, UK national stations are to be carried, as well as some new stations. Capacity has been reserved for both BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey.

Small Digital Planet are a new entrant who propose a total of 16 stations. In addition to BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey, community station Quay FM will be broadcast, along with 5 new local stations.

These two bids are in addition to the Nation Radio bid already announced. Ofcom will publish full details of the bids in due course.

Updates to Previous Posts

A couple of updates to previous stories:

Encore Radio is no longer listed on Muxco’s (the North Yorkshire DAB multiplex operator) website, so can be assumed that the station has stopped broadcasting on the North Yorkshire multiplex.

The schedule changes at Rathergood Radio are not as major as first reported. Cleo and Craig are still doing their Evening and Late shows. As previously report, Lizzie and Aidan have left the station. Overnight programming has returned to being automated.

Town 102 Loses FM License

For the first time, an incumbent radio operator has lost its broadcasting license upon routine Ofcom re-advertisement.

Ipswich FM will take over the license currently held by Town 102, to broadcast in Ipswich and the surrounding area. The current license expires on the 28th October 2018.

Town 102 has been operating since 2006, and more recently came under the ownership of Celador. The station as struggled with low audience figures. All programming on Town 102 is currently networked across the Anglian Radio portfolio (which includes 4 other stations and is based in Norwich), with some programmes originating from The Breeze network in the South West of England.

Ipswich FM is backed by Muxco Suffolk Radio, who operate the local Suffolk DAB multiplex. Muxco Suffolk Radio is backed by Nation Radio and Lincs FM. Ipswich FM will be on the Suffolk DAB multiplex.