Radio Atlantis Expands

Radio Atlantis, the current oldies offering from Cyber Radio, has expanded into Lincolnshire.

The station now has a slot on the Lincolnshire, using a DAB+ slot with a bit rate of 32 kbps. The new slot allows the station to broadcast across Lincolnshire, Humberside and parts of East Yorksire.

Radio Atlantis can also be found on the Surrey and Suffolk local multiplexes, and some of the small scale trail multiplexes, including Norwich and Manchester.

Cyber Gold Rebrands as Atlantis

Cyber Gold has re-branded as Atlantis. The station has launched on the Suffolk local multiplex (DAB+ at 32 kbps). Atlantis continues on the Surrey and North Sussex local multiplex.

Meanwhile, Cyber Radio has left the Brighton trial small scale multiplex, and Cyber Rock has left the Surrey and North Sussex local multiplex.

DAB and Frequency Updates

Panjab Radio and Love Sport have been given permission to swap trans miters and frequencies from Ofcom. Panjab Radio will take over the 588 MW (AM) frequency and expand its coverage to the whole of Greater London. Meanwhile Love Sport will reduce its coverage area to serve the North London on the 1548 MW (AM) frequency. Both stations are also available on DAB (London 3 for Love Sport and SDL National for Panjab Radio).

On DAB, Cyber Radio has replaced MCR Live on the Trial Manchester multiplex. Revival 93FM has joined the Trial Glasgow multiplex, using the sub standard 24 kbps DAB+ format, and Classic Hits has the joined the Trial Bristol multiplex using 48 kbps DAB+. As all three of these stations use the DAB+ format, only newer DAB+ radios can receive these stations.

DAB Developments

Following the recent rebranding of Cyber Hot Hits to Cyber Radio (reflecting a more varied playlist), the station labels are being update on the small scale DAB multiplexes that the station broadcasts on. The station has confirmed that the relabeling will take place once the relisting process is complete.

On the Bristol (main) multiplex SoulTrain Radio has lowered its bit rate to 56 kbps. Although still broadcasting in mono, sound quality has been reduced.

Updating the previous news article, Rathergood Radio has replaced The Wireless on the London 3 multiplex, and is broadcasting in mono at 64 kbps.

Goldmine DAB has joined the Cornwall local multiplex and is broadcasting in mono at a bit rate of 56 kbps. On the trial Brighton small scale multiplex, Platform B has joined broadcasting using DAB+ (as said in previous posts, check radio compatibility), broadcasting in stereo at 64 kbps.