Gold to Return to AM In Peterborough and Northampton

Gold will take over the 1332AM Peterborough and 1557AM Northampton frequencies from Smooth Radio. The change will take place when Connect FM is merged into Smooth Radio’s FM network.

Connect FM was acquired by Communicorp earlier this year, who decided to merge the station into their Smooth East Midlands franchise. As yet, a date for the merge has yet to be announced. Connect FM currently covers Corby, Kettering, and Peterborough.

Meanwhile, Wohnort DAB reports that Connect FM has been relabeled Radio UP on the Herts Beds Bucks local DAB multiplex.

Note: Smooth Radio is almost entirely networked across multiple local and regional licenses, and as such fails the criteria for inclusion on the station guide of this website. Connect FM has not been included due to the plan to merge the station into Smooth Radio. Additionally, Gold fails the criteria, due it being owned by the domineering monopoly corporation of Global.

Bob FM No More

Communicorp have acquired Bob FM in North Hertfordshire. The station will be rebrand at Heart Hertfordforshire, and will merge with the Watford franchise that Communicorp recently purchased from Adventure Radio along with Connect FM.

Upon rebrand, the station will only have 3 hours locally programmes on weekdays, with none at weekends.

Note: This station now fails the criteria to be included on the Station Guide of this website. Although Communicorp ownership is acceptable being a smaller group, the upcoming rebrand will mean the local license it occupies will be used for a near national service.

Normal practice would be for the station to remain listed until rebrand. As the plans have already been revealed, and Ofcom are almost certain to approve them, I have decided to remove the station immediately.