Gold to Return to AM In Peterborough and Northampton

Gold will take over the 1332AM Peterborough and 1557AM Northampton frequencies from Smooth Radio. The change will take place when Connect FM is merged into Smooth Radio’s FM network.

Connect FM was acquired by Communicorp earlier this year, who decided to merge the station into their Smooth East Midlands franchise. As yet, a date for the merge has yet to be announced. Connect FM currently covers Corby, Kettering, and Peterborough.

Meanwhile, Wohnort DAB reports that Connect FM has been relabeled Radio UP on the Herts Beds Bucks local DAB multiplex.

Note: Smooth Radio is almost entirely networked across multiple local and regional licenses, and as such fails the criteria for inclusion on the station guide of this website. Connect FM has not been included due to the plan to merge the station into Smooth Radio. Additionally, Gold fails the criteria, due it being owned by the domineering monopoly corporation of Global.

Date Announced for Panjab Radio Frequency Switch

Panjab Radio will switch MW (AM) frequencies with Love Sport on 1st August. Panjab Radio will take over the 558 MW frequency, enabling the station to expand to cover the whole of the Greater London area.

This allows Panjab Radio to match the coverage of its rival stations Lyca Radio and Sunrise Radio. Panjab Radio is also available on the SDL National DAB multiplex.

Meanwhile, Love Sport will take over the 1584 MW frequency and reduce coverage to focus on North London. However, due to the nature of MW transmission, some listeners outside North London may still be able to receive the station, albeit with a considerably weaker signal.

Revolution 96.2 to Expand Across Manchester.

Revolution 96.2, independently owned by Credible Media, have announced that they will be expanding their coverage area. Currently the station serves Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, but Ofcom have given approval for the station to cover the entire Greater Manchester are.

The station have stated that due to the position of the transmitter, Revolution 96.2 can already be received across most of Greater Manchester. It is not yet clear if the transmitter will be upgraded to improved/enhance coverage. The station is also available on the trial small scale DAB multiplex in Manchester, broadcasting in stereo DAB+.

Revolution 96.2 will continue to broadcast from its Oldham studios, and continue to serve the East Manchester area. There are no major schedule changes planned.

Minor but Significant Change for Gold London

Gold on the London 1 DAB multiplex has been relabeled to Gold London. The station has also had a bit rate increase to 40 kbps from 32 kbps (still DAB+) to match the new national service.

The changes, although small, are a sign that Gold will remain on the local multiplexes that already carry the station. The bit rate increase suggests that 32 kbps delivers unacceptably poor audio quality for listeners.

Fun Kids Junior Launches in Surrey and South London

Fun Kids have launched a new service aimed at younger children called Fun Kids Junior. The service is available on the Surrey and South London local DAB multiplex.

Programming will be aimed at 6 to 12 year olds, with the launch of the station being promoted on the main Fun Kids service.

The new service is broadcasting using DAB+ at 32kbps. This means relatively poor sound quality, and only newer DAB+ radios can access the station.

Muxco Also Bid for Channel Islands Multiplex

Radio Today are reporting that a total of 3 bids have been submitted for the Channel Islands local DAB multiplex.

Muxco have teamed up with Tindle CI Broadcasting, the owners of Channel 103 in Jersey and Island FM in Guernsey, to bid for license. In addition to Channel 103 and Island FM, UK national stations are to be carried, as well as some new stations. Capacity has been reserved for both BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey.

Small Digital Planet are a new entrant who propose a total of 16 stations. In addition to BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey, community station Quay FM will be broadcast, along with 5 new local stations.

These two bids are in addition to the Nation Radio bid already announced. Ofcom will publish full details of the bids in due course.

Nation Broadcasting Announces Channel Islands Bid

Nation Broadcasting, through subsidiary Bailiwick Broadcasting, has announced it has applied for the license to operate the Channel Islands DAB multiplex.

A total of 25 stations are proposed. Based on this, the vast majority of these will be DAB+ services. Capacity has been reserved for both BBC Radio Guernsey and BBC Radio Jersey.

As neither of the national commercial DAB multiplexes are available on the Channel Islands, a number of national services are likely to be carried on the new local multiplex.

Winding Down of Scott’s Radio Site

A while back, I threatened to close Scott’s Radio Site due to the increase amounting of networking and reduction of local content on local radio stations. At that point I decided to focus my efforts on the remaining independent, community, and BBC radio stations.

Unfortunately, with UKRD, Celador Radio, Lincs FM Group, and Wireless group local stations being acquired by Bauer Media, and the continuing signs that they will follow Global and network almost all content, it is becoming unsustainable to operate my website.

Ofcom appear to be oblivious to the fact that the vast majority of these stations, provide only the bare minimum of locally produced programmes, and even their locally produced shows contain next to no local content. The current 2 minute news bulletins give little time for local news stories.

Therefore, I have decided to wind down Scott’s Radio Site. This will be a gradual process, with all pages continue to be updated in the meantime. From January 2020, the website will change format to become a historical archive. Full wind down plans will be announced in due course.

I will continue to monitor the situation, but unless there is a major industry change, I will continue to wind down the website. I would like to thank all readers of the website for their continued support.

Sister websites TelevsionSRS and Scott’s Transport Site continue as normal.

Helius Unveils New Websites

Helius Media Group has unveiled new websites for some of its radio stations.

Alpha Radio and Durham Radio both have new websites, following the launch/re-launch of these stations on July 1st. An announcement on the websites also reveals that new smartphone apps are due to be launched on 1st August. Alpha Radio can be found at, and Durham Radio can be found at

Imagine Radio has also received a new website, in the same style as those for Durham Radio and Alpha Radio. Along with a new web address of

Original 106 Launches New Studio

Original 106 opened their new studios on Wednesday, going live at 1.06pm. They now share a building with other parts of the DC Thompson business, having moved from South Aberdeen to Marischal Square, Aberdeen.

Original 106 has also joined the Aberdeen DAB multiplex, broadcasting in mono DAB at 80 kbps. Although mono, unlike stations which have adopted the newer DAB+ format, Original 106 is available on all DAB radios with clear sound quality.

DC Thompson acquired both Original 106 and Kingdom FM earlier this year, and also own Dundee station Wave FM.