This section is kept simple, with the only technical parameters listed being the channel (ie 6a), and the bit rate (giving an indication on the audio quality). You can find the specific frequency of the channel block in the appropriate menu on you DAB digital radio.

On recent visits to Malta, I have observed DAB+ transmissions on 6A and 6C, as well as some test services on 12A. Only details based on my observations are listed here.

The observations below are from 2017. I have more recent data which will be uploaded shorty.


Station Bit Rate (kbps) Programme Type (PTY)
All 80s 40 Pop
All Groove 48 Oldies
All Rock 104 Rock
Bay 104 Pop
Bay Easy 48 Easy
BBC World Service 32 News
BKR Radio 40 Pop
Campus 40 Arts
Classic 40 Classic
Deejay 40 Pop
Kiss 48 Easy
One 48 Info
Radio Malta 48 Arts
R Maria 40 Religion
Rai Due 32 No pty.
Rai Tre 32 No pty.
Rai Uno 32 Affairs
Radio Chris 40 Affairs
Radio 101 80 Affairs
RTK 48 Religion
RTL 40 Pop
Vibe HD 88 No pty.
VOA 40 Pop


n/k = not known.

Station Bit Rate (kbps) Programme Type (PTY)
6C Test 40 No pty. No audio observed.
6C Test (2) 40 No pty. Heavy metal/rock music was observed/
All Country 48 No pty.
All Dance (All R&B) 96 No pty.
Capital 56 No pty.
EWTN 32 No pty.
France 40 No pty.
Gold IT 48 No pty.
Jazz FM 56 No pty.
LBC 97.3 (London) 32 No pty.
Magic Malta 96 No pty.
Opera Channel 72 No pty.
Radio Malta 2 40 No pty.
Radio Maria II 32 No pty.
Radio IT n/k No pty.
Radio X n/k No pty.
Rad Sport n/k No pty.
RDS 40 No pty.
Smash 40 No pty.
Smooth 48 No pty.
Sports 32 No pty.
Vatican n/k No pty.
XFM FM 48 No pty.