BBC to Celebrate Beatles Anniversary with Pop-Up Station

BBC Radio 2 have revealed plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Abbey Road Album, with a pop up radio stations.

BBC Radio 2 Beatles, revealed on last nights OJ Borg late night show, is to run from 26th to 29th September. The station will feature live shows from the Abbey Road studios in London. The launch of the station will be simulcast on BBC Radio 2.

The station will be broadcast on the BBC National DAB multiplex, and will also be available on the BBC Sounds online platform.

Other DAB Changes

Some other DAB changes to bring you, from the past couple of weeks.

Two services have joined the Cambridge trial small scale multiplex. HCR104fm (Huntington Community Radio) is broadcasting at 48 kbps stereo DAB+, and Visitor Radio is broadcasting at 32 kbps mono DAB+. As both services are using the newer DAB+ format, not all radios will receive these stations.

On the trial small scale multiplex in Portsmouth, Weather24/7Radio has been re-labelled Test Channel. The reason for this is unclear, as the station also broadcasts on other small scale multiplexes.

LRB Digital and Solar Radio have switched to using DAB+ on the trial London small scale multiplex. Asa result, not all radios will now receive these stations. Also in London, but on the London 3 multiplex, Matryoshka Radio has dropped to 112 kbps, but still broadcasts in original format Joint Stereo DAB.

Several Christmas DAB pop up stations have also returned this year including Mince Pie Non Stop, a spin of from Minster FM in North Yorkshire, Signal Christmas in Stoke & Stafford, and Pulse Christmas in Bradford and Huddersfield.

Lincs FM Launches 1940s Pop-up Station

Lincs FM have launched a 1940s pop-up station, to coincide with the 1940s Weekend, which is taking place in Lincoln this weekend. The station is launched this morning at 7am, and is available on DAB accross Lincolnshire and Newark until 10pm on Sunday.

Lincs FM 40s imagines what Lincs FM might have sounded like, if it had been available back in the 1940s. A number of regular Lincs FM presenters are making an appearance on Lincs FM 40s, and reporters will be broadcasting from various locations around Lincoln.