Bauer Axes Yet More Local Programmes

Bauer have are axing all local programmes on the FM version of Westsound which broadcasts across Dumfries and Galloway. The station will now become entirely networked sharing all programmes with the Bauer City 2/Greatest Hits Radio network.

Meanwhile, Viking FM will move to co-locate with Hallam FM in Sheffield. The soon to be only remaining local show, the breakfast show presented by Alex Duffy and Ellie Brennan, will be broadcast outside of the coverage area from 2nd October.

Bauer have stated the Viking FM move is to allow for access to better equipment and a more vibrant working environment. In reality, the move is to reduce fixed studio locations in order to cut costs and increase profits.

Hallam FM, Viking FM and West Sound fail the criteria for inclusion in the station guide of the website, due to the lack of local content they provide, and being owned by domineering corporation Bauer Media.